Conditions and General Information

1. Persons may not enter the State to undertake any activity listed in the Ineligible Categories of Employment – see

2. Duration of permission to remain in the State will never exceed the expiry date of an individual’s passport or, where relevant, the expiry date of an individual’s immigration/residence permission should that individual be residing in a country that is not his/her country of origin.

3. An application under this arrangement does not guarantee a positive response. A written notification of permission granted/refused will be issued by INIS.

Please allow for a processing time of at least two weeks. Arrangements to enter the State should not be made prior to receipt of the INIS notification.

4. Applications will be considered by INIS and, where applicable, in consultation with the Employment Permits Section of the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation for assessment of possible impact on the labour market.

5. INIS and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation reserve the right to request further information or documentation to that provided for on the application form.

6. A letter of approval issued under the Atypical Working Scheme will remain valid for 90 days from date of issue. If not used within that time, a fresh application will be required under this scheme and a new application fee will also apply.

7. Only one permission may be allowed per individual in a 12-month period where that individual would normally be eligible for an Employment Permit e.g. Contract for Services Employment Permit had the period of the contract been for more than 90 days. Following the expiry of the current permission the individual will be required to leave the State. For other categories of employment (e.g. locum general practitioners in the primary care sector) please see the relevant terms and conditions.


General Information

  • Persons who are in employment in the State should be aware of their entitlements under relevant Irish Employment Rights Legislation - see )
  • Medical insurance is a requirement.
  • Persons entering the State will be subject to usual immigration controls at the port of entry. Permission to enter the State is at the discretion of the Immigration Officer.


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