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Atypical working schemes

Notice 1 | Atypical Working Scheme - Online application process launched

03 September 2020

In order to increase processing efficiency and provide a more transparent, streamlined process for applicants, the Atypical Working Scheme Unit of the Department of Justice and Equality has implemented an online application process. Read the full details here...


Notice 2 | Changes to the Atypical Working Scheme application process as part of COVID-19 response

02 April 2020

Following discussions with various stakeholders the Atypical Working Scheme Unit of the Department of Justice and Equality have initiated various temporary changes to the application process as part of our COVID-19 response. Read the full details here...


Notice 2 | Renew your permission to be a crew member in Irish fishing fleet

24 March 2017

You must renew your immigration permission to continue working as a crew member with your current employer in the Irish fishing fleet. You must apply before your current permission expires.

Apply to renew your permission to be a crew member


IMPORTANT: A letter of approval issued under the Atypical Working Scheme will remain valid for 90 days from date of issue. If not used within that time, a fresh application will be required under this scheme and a new application fee will apply.

Atypical working scheme: General

The Atypical Working Scheme: "General" allows you to work in a position not covered by other employment rules. For example, this could include an industry with a skills shortage, an internship and other roles.

Atypical working scheme: Non-EEA crew in Irish Fishing Fleet

The Atypical Working Scheme: "Non-EEA crew members" allows crew members from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to apply to work in the Irish "whitefish fleet".



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Updated: 03 September 2020