Change of Immigration Status from Stamp 3

New Stamp Criteria for changing immigration permission and instructions on how to change stamp.
Stamp 1 If you are issued with an Employment Permit by Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation you can attend at GNIB to apply for a Stamp 1. Details here.
Stamp 2 If you wish become registered as a Student you must attend at the GNIB with student documents - an acceptance letter from the school/college, evidence of private medical insurance and evidence of finances. Details here.
Stamp 4 If you become a Spouse or Civil Partner of an Irish National, who is resident in the State, you may attend at GNIB with the Irish National to apply for your change of status to stamp 4.  Details here.
If you have been in a relationship akin to marriage with an Irish National and cohabiting with that Irish National for at least two years you may apply to Residence Division for a change of Status to a Stamp 4. Details here.
If you become the parent of an Irish Citizen Child you may attend at the GNIB office to apply for a change of status. Details here.
If your parent becomes an Irish citizen, you originally entered the State as a dependent of your parent and you are currently registered with GNIB you may apply to Residence Division INIS for stamp 4.
Stamp 5 If you have 96 months reckonable residence you may apply to Residence Division for a Stamp 5.  Details here.
Stamp 6 If you are granted citizenship you may apply to Residence Division for stamp 6. Details here.