Irish Citizenship through birth, descent and by Naturalisation

In general a person acquires Irish citizenship through one of the following ways:

  • by an entitlement to Irish citizenship for certain persons born in the island of Ireland;
  • entitlement by descent if one of his/her parents was an Irish citizen at the time of the person's birth;
  • by naturalisation at the absolute discretion of the Minister for Justice and Equality.

Detailed information on Irish Citizenship and Naturalisation can found by clicking on Irish Citizenship through birth, descent and by Naturalisation.


Residency Checker

You can use the online Naturalisation Residency Calculator as a guide to whether you satisfy the naturalisation residency conditions and, if you don't, give an indication of how long you should wait before making an application.

Many applications that are processed are deemed ineligible as the applicant did not have the required residency at time of application.



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