Frequently Asked Questions –De Facto Relationship Permission

Q How long will it take to process my application?

A  Currently applications are taking up to 6 months to process.

Q  Can I enter employment on the strength of my application while my application is in process?

A  No. An Applicant who does not have a separate permission to work in Ireland has no entitlement to enter employment during the application process.  The application process gives no right to work without an Employment Permit issued by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

Q How can I contact the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service regarding the status of my application?

A Queries can be made by email or post. Contact details are listed below.

Email queries may be addressed to "". Please ensure that all queries include your name, reference number and contact details.

By post – alternatively, queries can be posted to the following address:

De Facto Relationships,
Residence Division - Unit 5,
Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service,
PO Box 12695,
Dublin 2.

Q What happens if the Application is Successful

A  If the application is successful the Applicant will receive a permission letter form INIS.  Then the Applicant AND the Sponsor will be required to attend at their local Registration Office to register the Applicant as resident in the State on the basis of being the partner of an Irish National or an Irish Resident. Details in respect of registration and renewal of registration will be provided in correspondence issued by the De Facto Section.

Q What happens if the relationship ends

A  If the relationship ends the permission ends.  The permission to be in Ireland is solely based on the committed long term relationship with an Irish National or Irish Resident.

Q What should I do if the relationship ends

A  If the relationship ends you should immediately contact the De Facto Section of INIS.  INIS will assess each case on its merits.