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Highly skilled job interview authorisation

Effective from July 15 2013, the Department of Justice and Equality (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service) will provide for this Authorisation on a pilot basis.

It is envisaged that, subject to normal immigration requirements and procedures at the port of entry, permission to enter and remain in the State on a temporary basis (up to a maximum of 90 days from date of arrival) will be granted to non-EEA nationals who have been invited by an employer based in the State to attend a job interview for eligible employment as identified on the Highly Skilled Occupations list (Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation) – see

During this time period, successful interviewees may apply for an Employment Permit from the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and await the outcome of the application. This application must be made as soon as possible following the offer of employment.

All applications for Employment Permits are subject to qualifying criteria as specified by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation. See

An application processing time of 3 weeks must be taken into account when making an application for an Employment Permit. For further information see –

Persons granted an Employment Permit must register immediately upon receipt with the Garda National Immigration Bureau and pay the associated registration fee.

This Authorisation is applicable only to persons who have been invited to enter the State for the purpose of attending an interview.

For the purpose of this initiative dependants are not permitted to accompany the interviewee. This matter may be addressed should the interview/employment permit application process prove to be successful.

Documentation that must be available for inspection by an Immigration Officer at the port of entry includes:

  • Passport (must be valid for at least 6 months after date of arrival in the State).
  • Persons requiring an entry visa must ensure that they are in possession of a valid visa. (Visas must be obtained in advance of travel. The invitation to attend interview must be included as a supporting document when applying for a visa. Please note that the processing of a visa application may take up to 8 weeks. Therefore, this time element should be taken into consideration when agreeing a date for interview and travel.)
  • Original letter/notification of invitation to attend interview from the prospective employer based in the State. This letter should provide a detailed job description and contact details (name, phone number) of the prospective employer for verification purposes.
  • Evidence of sufficient funding for the duration of the stay.
  • Medical insurance.

Normal immigration procedures will apply at the port of entry and the final determination regarding entry to the State is at the discretion of the Immigration Officer.

15 July 2013