Immigration Contact Details

All correspondence sent by post should be sent to the following address;

Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service
13/14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2

In order to streamline our customer service functions INIS hasáestablished the following email addresses.áOur telephone helplines have been suspended and replaced by dedicated email addresses.

(Note -áQueries must be directed to the appropriate email address. In order to maintain an efficient service, queries directed to the incorrect address may notábe responded to.)


De facto relationshipsá

Long term residency


Turkish associationá

Without conditions (Stamps 5 and 6)á

Change of status, extension of visit, Stamp 0 applications and Ministers of religion and lay volunteersáá

Change of name licenceáá

Visa Matters

EU Treaty Rights

Business Permission

Foreign Adoption

Spouse of Irish Nationalá

Travel Documentsá

Investors and Entrepreneur Scheme


Office or the Refugee Applications Commissioner

Refugee Appeals Tribunal



NOTE 1 - Persons who send an e-mail to any of the above addresses should include as part of their e-mail the following details


  • Full Nameáá
  • INIS Numberáá
  • GNIB Numberáá
  • Current Addressáá


Enquiries regarding Parent of Irish National can be made by post only by writing to the following address:

Irish Born Child Unit,
Department of Justice and Equality,
PO Box 10003,
Dublin 2.


Enquiries regarding Refugees who are applying for family members to join them:

Family Reunification Unit,
INIS - Department of Justice and Equality,
13-14 Burgh Quay,
Dublin 2.

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