Information for Conference Organisers

When organising a conference consider whether you expect delegates from visa required countries.

If your target group includes visa required nationals we advise you to notify the Dublin Visa Office at least three months in advance of your conference start date in order allow sufficient time for the consideration of visa applications and the issuing of decisions.

You should email the Dublin Visa Office by e-mail at, giving full details of the conference and where possible, a list of the delegates that wish to attend.

This list should clearly indicate guest speakers and other delegates whose attendance at the conference is vital. If you are vouching for the bona-fides of any delegates, full details should be provided to the Dublin Visa Office.

Where you have simply been contacted by someone wishing to attend the conference having obtained your details on a website, you should also inform the Dublin Visa Office of this. The Visa Officer assessing the particular application will decide the merits of the application based on all information submitted.

Applications for Irish visas are processed by offices of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service in Dublin and overseas and by Irish Embassies. The Dublin Visa Office will disseminate the information that you supply about your conference and prospective delegates to the overseas centres to facilitate processing.

We recommend including information relating to the Irish visa process on your conference website.

You should, where possible, include a link on your conference website to and advise delegates to read the visa pages carefully before making their application. You should advise delegates who require a visa to travel to Ireland to submit their visa application at least 8 weeks before their planned travel date.

For the purposes of their visa application you are advised to issue each delegate with an invitation letter that includes all the details of the event and importantly who is responsible for financing the trip, including accommodation costs.

Upon arrival in Ireland, holders of visas will be required to pass through an immigration check carried out by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (G.N.I.B.) who will check the reason for travel, grant or refuse entry to the State and specify the duration of stay permitted, which will be evidenced by a stamp in the traveller’s passport.

Please advise conference delegates that they should ensure that they have any invitation letters, proof of accommodation and other supporting documents to hand to show to the immigration officer on arrival in Ireland.