Update: Re-Entry Visa applications received by 24 November now processing

If your application for a Re-Entry Visa was received by INIS on or before 24 November, it is now being processed. Your documents will be returned to you shortly by registered post.

Read daily updates for Re-Entry Visas (9 December 2016)

If you wish to travel to Ireland or pass through an Irish port in order to travel to another state you may need an Irish visa.

You may need a visa to travel to Ireland even if you live in Ireland.

A visa is a paper document affixed to a page of the holder's passport.  It permits a person to travel to Ireland during the validity period stated on the visa. It does not guarantee entry to the State. An Immigration Officer at the port of entry has the authority to grant or deny admission, and to decide the duration of a person’s stay in the State.

INIS will not be held responsible for any cancelled or unused travel tickets in the event of a visa application not being processed by an applicant's intended date of travel or where an application has been rejected by the Department of Justice and Equality. As a result, we advise all visa applicants NOT to purchase or book travel tickets until their visa application has been approved, issued and received.

Find out if you need an Irish visa and about applying for a visa on these pages.

Más mian le hiarratasóir iarratas a dhéanamh i nGaeilge ar víosa, is ceart dó dul i dteagmháil le (i nGaeilge nó i mBéarla), go díreach, agus déanfaimid socruithe chun é a threorú tríd an bhfoirm iarratais i nGaeilge.


1)  Visa Decisions


2)  Check if you need a Visa


(a)  Countries whose nationals are visa required

(b)  Irish Short Stay Visa Waiver Programme

(c)  British Irish Visa Scheme

(d)  Residence card of a family member of a European Union Citizen

(e)  Convention Travel Documents

(f)   Non EU/EEA second level student resident in EU/EEA Member State


3)  Apply for a visa


  (a) Short Stay Visas (less than 3 months)

(i)     Business Visa

(ii)    Conference/Event Visa

(iii)   Information for Conference Organisers

(iv)   Exam Visa

(v)    Employment (Atypical Working Scheme)

(vi)   Internship

(vii)  Join Ship

(viii) Marriage/Civil partnership Visa

(ix)   Medical Treatment

(x)    Performance/Tournament

(xi)   Training

(xii)  Visit (Family/Friends)

(xiii) Visit Tourist

  (b) Long Stay Visas (More than 3 months)

(I)    Employment (Permits etc.)

(ii)   Employment (Scientific Researcher)

(iii)  Employment (Van der Elst)

(iv)  Join Family

(v)   Lay Volunteer

(vi)  Minister of Religion

(vii) Study

  (c)  Single/Multi Entry Visas

  (d)  Re-Entry Visas

(i)  Re-entry Visa Application Form

(ii) Current Processing Times

  (e)  Transit Visas

  (f)   Family Members of EU/EEA /Swiss Citizens

  (g)  Biometrics

  (h)  Fees

  (i)   Apply for a visa – how to apply


4)  Following your Application


  (a)  Visa Decisions

  (b)  Current Processing Times

  (c)  Understanding your Visa

  (d)  Visa Appeals


5)  Irish Short Stay Visa Waiver Programme


6)  British Irish Visa Scheme


7)  Frequently Asked Questions


8)  News and Updates


9)  Contact Us