All Irish Visas contain the photograph of the holder.

The photograph provided by a visa applicant may be scanned for this purpose. It is therefore essential that the photograph submitted by an applicant meets the visa photograph requirements as set out below.

Photographs which do not meet these requirements will NOT be accepted and this will delay the processing of the visa application.

Two colour photographs are required. These should not be more than 6 months old. 


Photograph Quality

The photograph should be printed on photographic paper. Reverse of photograph should be white and unglazed. It should be taken against a plain white or light grey background, in sharp focus and correctly exposed.

There should be no shadows or glare on the image or background. The photograph should have a good colour balance, natural flesh tones and no ‘Red Eye’.



Photograph should be 45-50mm in height and 35-38mm in width. It should show a close up of your face and the top of the shoulders so that the face takes up 70-80% of the frame.



The head should be centred in the image. A frontal pose looking directly at the camera and showing full face must be used. Rotation or tilting of the head either in an up/down or left/right direction must be avoided. There should be a marked contrast between the facial features and the background of the photograph.



The expression should be neutral with both eyes open and mouth closed. There should be no hair covering the eyes. Contrived expressions such as raised eyebrows, squinting or frowning are not acceptable.



Sunglasses are not acceptable. If glasses are worn they should be of clear glass so that the eyes are clearly visible.


Head Coverings

Only head coverings worn for religious reasons are permitted. Hair bands should not be worn.


Submitting Photograph

The name of the visa applicant and their visa application/transaction number should be printed clearly on the back of the photograph.

Do not attach the photograph to your application form. It should be submitted with your documentation.