Renewal of Green Card Work Permit

Revised Immigration Arrangements, with effect from 30 August 2010 for persons who
(i) have worked as a Green Card Employment Permit holder for 2 years
(ii) previous holders of Green Card Permits  who were granted Stamp 4 for 12 months and are due for renewal.



This note sets out revised immigration registration arrangements for Green Card Employment Permit holders.  The arrangements affect -

(i)  persons who have worked and will have completed 2 years residence in the State based on a Green Card Employment Permit, and

(ii)  persons who were issued Stamp 4 since 2009 having worked as a Green Card Employment Permit holder for 2 years.


Revised Arrangements

The revised arrangements affect these two groups of persons as follows:-

(i)  Green Card Employment Permit holders whose permit and immigration registration card (GNIB card) are due to expire having completed 2 years working in the State are not required to apply to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation for a renewal of their Green Card Employment Permit.

Such persons may present in person to the Garda National Immigration Bureau or, if living outside the Dublin area, to the Garda registration office in the relevant Garda district, for renewal of their immigration registration.  Where registration is renewed a Stamp 4 will be issued for 2 years duration.

(ii)  Persons who previously held a Green Card Employment Permit for 2 years and who were granted Stamp 4 since  2009 will remain on that permission and can renew it  for 2 years  under these arrangements when it is due for renewal.  There is no need to present at an earlier time to obtain Stamp 4 for 2 years.



Persons in situation (i) or (ii) above must have complied with their previous Green Card Employment Permit and immigration conditions and be of good character.  Stamp 4 may be granted but it should be noted that the Garda National Immigration Bureau is entitled to refuse registration where there is a valid ground for doing so e.g. the person has come to the adverse attention of the Gardaí or there is evidence that the person lived outside the State for most or all of the previous period of immigration permission, etc.

The immigration Stamp 4 which issues will be valid for 2 years.  However, where the person's passport expires earlier than 2 years after registration the Stamp 4 will be given up to the expiry date of the passport.  The person concerned may present again to have the remaining period of registration endorsed in their new passport.


Family members

The Spouse, partner or dependants of Green Card Employment Permit holders will continue to be granted Stamp 2 or Stamp 3, depending on the family member's situation for durations which are the same as the Green Card holder or the Stamp 4 holder, as appropriate.

For the spouse or partner who wishes to work in the State, it may be possible to change the immigration stamp from 3 to 1 where an Employment/Spousal/Dependant permit is issued by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation.
For more information please see Frequently Asked Questions - Green Card Permit Holders, whose permits are due for renewal. Further information is also available at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation website at
30 August 2010