Supplementary Guidelines for Degree Programme Students who:

(a) Wish to change from one degree course to another or
(b) Have failed their exams and are seeking extensions to their immigration permission.



A degree programme student is granted immigration permission for the purposes of genuine study.  This is on the basis that they should have the academic capability of completing the course for which they are enrolled and that they will attend classes, sit exams and complete the assignments necessary for their course.  The student’s choice of course is very important because if they are unable to make academic progress their immigration permission may not be extended.  Colleges also have a responsibility not to accept students on courses for which they are not suitable academically.


Students wishing to change from one degree course (without finishing the course) to another degree course

This will not generally be permitted.  A particular issue arises where the student has obtained a visa to attend one course and then seeks to transfer to a lower price programme.   Only in very exceptional circumstances will a student be permitted to change course during the first year of their studies.

Requests from students to transfer from one course to another will only be considered where the student can demonstrate good academic reasons for the change.  They will have to provide an academic report from their college in respect of their attendance at their original degree course (including detailed exam results).  Their enrolment letter for the new degree programme will have to outline why, given that they have failed to complete their original degree course, they are deemed suitable to enrol on a new programme.

Students may not transfer from a degree programme to a language course. Students may not change from a Masters course to a degree course.


Students failing their exams seeking extensions to their immigration permission

Students failing exams will not have their permission renewed unless they can demonstrate that their exam results were sufficiently close to the pass mark or they passed most of their other modules.  The student has to demonstrate genuine commitment to study and their efforts should indicate that they might be successful in a repeat examination.  Where they can demonstrate this or can show extenuating circumstances (such as accident or serious illness supported by medical evidence) that prevented them from sitting their examinations they may be granted immigration permission of up to 4 months in order to sit the repeat examination.  Immigration permission will not be granted for the purpose of repeating an entire year’s tuition.