Visa Decisions

Information you will need to locate your visa decision

In order to locate your visa decision you must have your visa application/ transaction number available as no names will be published on the list.

To find your visa decision:

  1. Click on the "Visa Decisions List" link at the bottom of this page in order to open the visa Decisions PDF page.
  2. Enter your visa application/ transaction number in the "Find" box at the top of the visa Decisions PDF page and press either enter or return.
  3. Your visa decision should then be displayed, along with either the type of visa granted or the refusal reason(s), as appropriate.

Please note that a visa application/ transaction number will not appear on the list where a decision has not been reached and the application is currently pending.

Next step if your application has been approved

If your application has been approved please contact the Irish Mission where you made your application or the Dublin Visa Office if your application was lodged directly in Dublin.

Next step if you application has been refused

If your application has been refused please refer to the "Explanation of Reason(s) for Refusal" link at the bottom of this page. 

Please note that in cases of refusal where specific documents or other supporting information\documentation are listed as missing or not submitted, it should not be assumed that submission of these documents will guarantee the issue of a visa. 

If your visa application has been refused, you may generally appeal this decision.  There will be no appeal allowed if you are found to have given false or misleading information in any part of your application, or submitted false, forged or fraudulent documentation.  You can find information about how to appeal a visa application refusal on our Visa Appeals page.

You cannot find your application

If you cannot find your application:

  1. Please check that you entered the correct visa transaction number.
  2. When did you lodge your application? In normal circumstances, visa applications can take 4-6 weeks to process from when the application and all supporting documentation are received in Dublin.

If your application was lodged recently, please be patient - all applications are dealt with in the order they are received.


Visa Decisions 02-02-16 to 08-02-16 (Size 46KB)  This document is a pdf

Visa Decisions Archive 19-11-15 to 01-02-16 (Size 659KB)  This document is a pdf

Explanation of Reason(s) for Refusal (Size 30KB)  This document is a pdf

Appeals Procedure - Information Note (Size 138KB)  This document is a pdf