All non-EEA nationals need permission to remain in the State.  Permission to remain will be in the form of an endorsement in your passport confirming the conditions and period of time for which you have permission to remain in the


In order to take up employment in the State, the person must be in possession of (a) valid work permit (b) valid green card – further information is available from the Work Permit Section, Department of Jobs ,Enterprise and Innovation (

All non EEA nationals wishing to remain in the State on work permit/green card conditions must be in a position to present to their Immigration Officer, the following documents:

  • original passport
  • valid visa (if appropriate)
  • original work permit / green card permit

The holder of a valid work permit/green card is entitled to take up employment in the State.  However, they must also seek to obtain permission to remain on this basis from their local Immigration Officer.


Please see the below links regarding the states redundancy policy for Non-EEA workers.

Policy for 5 year workers and redundant workers