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  • 20/04/2015   Minister Fitzgerald attends EU emergency meeting on Mediterranean migrant crisis
    Frances Fitzgerald, T.D., Minister for Justice and Equality, is today attending an emergency meeting of EU Interior and Foreign Affairs Ministers in Luxembourg, convened following the most recent tragic loss of life of migrants attempting to travel from North Africa to Europe. Speaking before the meeting Minister Fitzgerald said: “Yesterday’s event is a terrible human tragedy. An urgent response is required to stem the flow of migrants to Europe and to tackle the criminal activity that drives this horrendous trade in human misery. This is an EU issue and an EU solution is needed. The EU must now act as one. “Today I will reaffirm Ireland's commitment to working with our EU colleagues to provide the best possible response to this extremely difficult issue.”
  • 20/04/2015   Minister Flanagan and Minister Fitzgerald attend EU meeting on migration in the Mediterranean
    The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan TD, and the Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald TD, today attended an extraordinary joint meeting of EU Foreign Affairs Ministers and EU Home Affairs Ministers called in response to recent tragic events in the Mediterranean. Speaking after the meeting Minister Flanagan said: "Minister Fitzgerald and I share the total horror at this weekend's tragedy, indeed the many recent tragedies, in the Mediterranean. Ireland strongly shares the concern of our EU and Southern partners and we agree that solutions must be found jointly to address a humanitarian crisis on this scale. We need to address the human safety and organised crime aspects of this crisis. However, more than anything, people need to be safe in their home countries and for this sustainable political solutions to conflicts are essential. We will continue to assist people affected by conflict and persecution, particularly those affected by the crisis in Syria, where Ireland has provided over €32million in humanitarian support since 2011. Ireland is also strongly committed to helping those affected by less high profile crises, including many in Africa. It is through assistance of this type that we can reduce the pressure on people to risk their lives attempting to reach Europe."
  • 25/03/2015   Minister Fitzgerald publishes General Scheme of the International Protection Bill to reduce waiting times for asylum applicants
    Wednesday 25 March 2015 Frances Fitzgerald T.D., Minister for Justice and Equality, today published the General Scheme of the International Protection Bill which was approved by Government. This is the first step in delivering the Government’s undertaking to reduce the length of time asylum applicants spend in the direct provision system through establishing a single applications procedure for international protection. The undertaking has been made under the Statement of Government Priorities 2014-2016. Minister Fitzgerald successfully proposed that the Government fast-track this reforming legislation to achieve early implementation of the new single procedure. The new and substantial International Protection Bill contained in today’s published Scheme will deal with the key issues of qualification for international protection, including: examination and assessment of applications for international protection; the rights and entitlements of persons determined to be eligible for international protection; effective remedy against refusal of international protection.
  • 09/02/2015   Minister for Justice announces extension of the British-Irish Visa Scheme to India
    Frances Fitzgerald, T.D., Minister for Justice and Equality, today announced the extension of the British-Irish Visa Scheme to India. The British-Irish Visa Scheme facilitates nationals requiring a short-stay visa to travel freely within the Common Travel Area using a single visa issued by either Ireland or the UK. This will mean that tourists, business visitors and other eligible visitors from India will be able, for the first time, to visit both the UK and Ireland, including moving freely between north and south of the island of Ireland on a single visa. The Minister said: “Following the very successful launch of the scheme for China in October last, it has now been extended to India. This decision is taken jointly by the Irish and UK authorities with the aim of boosting tourism and business travel to our countries. The British-Irish Visa Scheme is a unique opportunity for the tourism promotion bodies on both islands to jointly promote tourism travel to Ireland and the UK. With that objective Tourism Ireland and Visit Britain are working together to market the British-Irish Visa Scheme in China and India.”
  • 26/01/2015   Immigration in Ireland – 2014
    Report on key immigration figures · 2015 priorities for Immigration Service to include completion of civilianisation of border control at Dublin Airport, reform of the asylum system and an online appointment system for re-entry visa applicants · 42 new recruits start public service careers in Immigration Service today as part of civilianisation of border control at Dublin Airport
  • 23/01/2015   Minister Fitzgerald attends 100th Citizenship Ceremony
    Minister Fitzgerald attends 100th Citizenship Ceremony · Processing time for citizenship applications dramatically reduced from 31 months in 2011 to less than 6 months today · More than 59,000 people attend 100 Citizenship Ceremonies since June 2011
  • 13/01/2015   Statement by Minister Fitzgerald and Minister O'Sullivan on Judgment of the High Court in relation to international education sector
    The judgment of the High Court today in the case brought by the National Employee Development and Training Centre and Academic Bridge is being examined by the Departments of Justice and Equality, and Education and Skills. The Ministers for Justice and Equality, and Education and Skills are fully committed to delivering on the Government's regulatory reforms programme in this area announced in September 2014. The Ministers will examine the range of options that are available to progress the reforms in a manner consistent with the High Court decision, and without prejudice to a possible appeal. The Government is committed to maintaining Ireland's reputation as a high quality destination for international students and will continue to implement all necessary reforms to protect that reputation
  • 12/01/2015   Statement by the Department of Justice and Equality on Shelbourne College
    The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service has today been informed that Shelbourne College is seeking to enter voluntary liquidation. The college will now be immediately removed from the Internationalisation Register, which means that no immigration permission will be issued in respect of it. INIS is aware of allegations that the college has failed to refund monies due to certain students whose visa applications were refused. While INIS cannot comment on specific allegations regarding refund of fees it is understood that some funds remain outstanding and the affected students should continue to pursue this issue with the college. It should be noted that if a private business is allegedly involved in defrauding a person with whom it has dealings this is a matter for the application of criminal law and should be reported to An Garda Síochána for appropriate criminal and/or fraud investigation. A college taking money from students pending a visa application is fully aware that they have no entitlement to those funds until the student is confirmed as being allowed to come to Ireland as a student. This is standard practice across EU jurisdictions which are involved in international student business. Should the student's visa application be refused then the fees must be returned (less a reasonable small handling charge). Almost all colleges honour their commitments in this respect.