Search Help

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service provides both Simple and Advanced search functionality to better help you find the information you are seeking

Quick Search

Quick Search can be accessed from any page on the site, including the search results page. The quick search form is situated at the top right hand side of the page beneath the breadcrumb link section.

Enter your search term in the field denoted by "enter search here". If more than one word is entered it will be logically "And"-ed together with the words following i.e "Asylum Seeker" will return all documents containing both of the words "Asylum " AND "Seeker" it is not possible to search for Phrases by enclosing them in quotes, please see the Advanced search description for details of how to perfom more advanced search queries.

Advanced search

The Website also offers an advanced search form to allow users to delimit their search criteria. Users can search words or phrases and include and exclude search terms by simply filling in the text fields. Users can further filter the search by defining the criteria based on the following options:

  • Date Modified
  • Date Published
  • Max Pages: number of documents to be displayed on the results page
  • Sort Order