These arrangements are subject to updating from time to time.

Permission to take up employment will not be granted to Non-EEA doctors who enter the State without the correct landing permission and, where applicable, the correct entry visa.

Doctors who enter the State as a “visitor” (per landing stamp inserted into Passport at port of entry) are not permitted to take up employment on such permission.


  • All Stamp 1 immigration permissions are granted on the basis of the doctor remaining in the posting as stated on the Employment Permit and for the duration of the immigration permission granted.
  • Doctors holding immigration permission Stamp 1 may not set up any type of business, medical or GP practice without applying for specific business permission to do so. See the Immigration/Business Permission section of this website for further information in this regard.

The onus rests with health service employers (public and private) and all doctors to ensure compliance with all employment requirements.


Arrangements have been agreed between INIS, the Health Service Executive, the Department of Health and the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation regarding the immigration and Employment Permits regime to be applied in respect of non-EEA doctors (including locum doctors) either already working in the State or seeking entry to the State.

These arrangements do not apply to doctors holding immigration permission Stamp 4. Doctors holding Stamp 4 may renew this immigration permission for two years provided they still continue to practice medicine. At all times doctors must remain in compliance with all Regulations, Guidelines and Requirements as set out by the Medical Council of Ireland and /or HSE.


Senior House Officers and Registrars who have been working for 5 consecutive year in a public hospital and were previously Work Permit exempt should read – Policy for Senior House Officers and Registrars with five years employment.

EU Treaty Rights - a doctor whose case is being determined by EU Treaty Rights Division in INIS will continue to be granted immigration permission Stamp 4 for six months only (this is in line with all other EU Treaty Rights applications.) The ensuing immigration permission will then be determined by the outcome of the case.  Please see "additional links" below for further details.


27 January 2015


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