Calculation of period of residence

Non-EEA nationals
Residency permissions are evidenced by stamps in your passport, while additional periods may be covered by letters that were issued by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service granting you permission for a specific period from or to a specified date. Please note that any failure to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau within a reasonable period will be taken into account in assessing your application.

These arrangements are on the basis that the person with residence permission is also physically resident. Where there are significant absences from the State during the currency of permission further enquiries may be necessary and the application may be refused. Certain periods of residence in the State covered by a permission to remain are not reckonable if that permission was –  

  • For the purposes of study (whether or not that study involved you being in employment during any of the period of study), or 
  • While your claim for asylum was being examined.  

Gaps between permissions are periods of unlawful residence and are not reckonable. Certain non-Irish nationals are exempted by law from the requirement to have permission to remain.


EEA nationals. 
All of the time that an EEA citizen has resided in the State is reckonable for naturalisation purpose


Important: You are required to verify that you satisfy the naturalisation residency conditions before lodging an application.

The Online Naturalisation Residency Calculator Tool  is available as a guide to whether you satisfy the naturalisation residency conditions.


07 March 2014