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Without Condition Endorsement (Stamp 6)

Without Conditions Endorsement (Stamp 6) is given to persons with dual citizenship -Irish and another.  In order to qualify for this endorsement, the applicant must hold or be entitled to hold an Irish passport. If the person holds a current Irish passport, they should contact INIS (below) to have the endorsement (Stamp 6) placed in their non-Irish passport.

If a person acquired their citizenship through descent, they must provide the following:

When one of the applicant's parents was born in the State, the following original documents are required:

  • Mother’s or father's long-form civil birth certificate
  • If claiming through mother, civil marriage certificate is required because of possible change of maiden name
  • Applicant's long-form civil birth certificate
  • Applicant's current passport


Applicant must produce Foreign Births Registration certificate issued by Dept. of Foreign Affairs plus applicant's passport.


Applicant must produce original naturalisation certificate/Post Nuptial Citizenship (PNC) certificate or current Irish passport plus applicant's passport.


Any applicant who has a previous Without Condition Endorsement (Stamp 6) may have this stamp renewed in their current non Irish passport on production of both expired non Irish passport containing the endorsement and their current Irish passport.  If a person has previously had the Without Conditions Endorsement (Stamp 6) in their non Irish passport but has subsequently given up their Irish citizenship, they will not be entitled to the Without Conditions Endorsement.


If an applicant has a parent who was granted citizenship by naturalisation/PNC/parentage/etc before the applicant in question was born, it is also open to him/her to obtain a Without Condition endorsement in his/her foreign passport.

The Without Condition endorsement can be obtained by appointment only.

Appointments are available on Tuesday or Thursday mornings from 10.00am until 11.30am.  Applicants can arrange appointments by sending an email to: