Check if you need an Irish visa

You do not need an Irish visa to travel to Ireland if:

  • you have a valid Irish Residence Permit, or
  • you have a Travel Document which was issued by Ireland, or
  • you have a document called “Residence card of a family member of a Union citizen” issued, by any country, under 10 of Directive 2004/38/EC (the “Free Movement Directive”). Please contact the authority who issued the document for advice if the document you have comes within the definition of the Directive, as implemented by that particular Member State.

For all other situations, regardless of where you live, or the nationality of your family member, your needing an Irish visa is based on:

  • your nationality (if you are not a refugee); or
  • the country which issued your travel document (if you are a refugee).


What nationality is shown on your passport or travel document?



Choose 'Refugee or Stateless' if you are a refugee or stateless.



If you need further information see the Visa - Frequently Asked Questions section. If you are unable to find an answer in that section, contact visa division.

Updated:24 April 2020

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