INIS personal identity & application reference numbers

A Person Identity Number and Application Reference Number is created for you when you make your first application to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS).

These numbers are used for immigration permission, citizenship, asylum (eg as a refugee) and other applications. Different numbers are used for visas, Certificates of Registration (GNIB cards) and other systems.

What the numbers look like

Person Identity Number, eg 123456-16

A Person Identity Number has 2 parts, eg 123456-16:

  • 123456: This first part identifies you
  • 16: This second part identifies the year you first applied to INIS, eg 16 = 2016

Application Reference Number, eg 1234567-CITZ-16

An Application Reference Number has 3 parts, eg 1234567-CITZ-16:

  • 1234567: This first part identifies your individual application
  • CITZ: This second part summarises the subject of your application, eg CITZ = citizenship
  • 16: This third part identifies the year your application was submitted, eg 16 = 2016

How the numbers work

Note: Always quote your Person Identity Number and (appropriate) Application Reference Number when you contact us. It helps us to answer your questions more quickly.

The Person Identity Number is created for you when you first make an application to INIS. You only get one Person Identity Number. It is permanent, unique to you and never expires.

A new Application Reference Number is created everytime you submit an application to INIS, eg for work permission, for citizenship. You could have more than one active Application Reference Number if you have several applications being processed at one time.



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Updated: 7 November 2016

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