Permission to study

Apply for permission to study in Ireland via the schemes or programmes described below. If you are a full-time student and wish to do an internship in Ireland, find out how to apply for permission.

Find out how to prepare for border control, if you need a visa & more. These can affect your application in important ways.

3 months or less

Request temporary permission to study in Ireland based on the rules for short term study when you arrive at border control.

Check your immigration roadmap to find out how to prepare.

More than 3 months

You must have permission to study in Ireland, including for:

  • Semester abroad at an Irish university
  • English or Irish language
  • Degree, master's degree, national diploma or PhD

Find out how to apply for immigration permission to study in Ireland.

You must enroll in and pay for your course of study before you travel to Ireland. You must choose a course from the official Interim List of Eligible Programmes only (except for semester abroad).

Accountancy students, including ACCA

Apply for permission based on Immigration Rules for Trainee Accountants.

Third level graduate programme

In some circumstances, you may apply for permission to look for work in Ireland after your studies finish, if you graduate from a recognised body. Read more about the Third level graduate programme (stamp 1G).



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