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Changes to rules for trainee accountants (stamp 1A)

1 June 2017

New immigration rules for trainee accountants (no stamp 1A) have been published. The new rules clarify:

  • Time allowed to complete a qualification
  • Academic progress
  • Changing courses
  • Work placements
  • Rules for accounting technicians

Download the new rules for trainee accountants on stamp 1A

Changes to fee payment rules for Atypical Working Scheme

16 November 2016

From 1 December 2016 fee payment rules for the Atypical Working Scheme will change. If you do not follow the new payment rules or if your payment is not received, your application for working permission may fail.

Read a longer description of the new fee payment rules

Beware of possible fraud via email

22 September 2016

A number of INIS customers have been approached via email by a person claiming to be from a legal and immigration company in Ireland.

"Employment Eligibility Clearance & Security Bond"

They claim that they have a client company with an offer of employment in Ireland and ask for money to pay for an "International Employment Eligibility Clearance and Security Bond".

They also ask for a passport photo, CV and copy of the victim's passport bio-data page. An application form is attached seeking personal information and employment details.

It is claimed that this information is sought by the "Judiciary of the Republic of Ireland" to establish employment eligibility and security clearance.


This application form is false. Both the legal and Immigration company and the client company do not exist.

This is an attempted fraud.

Customers are asked to be alert and suspicious of any such offers seeking payment. If someone demands payment of any monies, contact INIS or An Garda Síochána immediately.

See full contact details for INIS

Public consultation on immigration policy for retirees

13 September 2016

Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality announces a public consultation on a review of Ireland's immigration policy for non-EEA retirees. Retiring in Ireland raises many complex and challenging issues.

Read more about public consultation

Changes to the employment entitlements for students

2 August 2016

Employment entitlements are changing from 1 September 2016 for non-EEA students holding a valid permission Stamp 2. They will be permitted to work 40 hours per week during the months of June, July, August and September only - and from 15 December to 15 January inclusive.

At all other times students with Stamp 2 permission will be limited to 20 hours work per week..

Read more about changes to student employment entitlements

Proof of finance for students

7 April 2016

From today, non-EEA students can also use Bankers' Drafts to show they have enough money to support themselves during their initial stay in Ireland. This change will help students who have had problems opening a bank account because they do not yet have a Public Service Number (PPSN). To use this option, the student’s banker’s draft:

  • Must be the original (not a photocopy).
  • Must show the student’s full name.
  • Must show it is for the minimum amount of €3,000.
  • Must not be made out to 'cash'.
  • A cheque cannot be used as an alternative.

This change has been made by INIS and Garda National Immigration Bureau and will continue until further notice.

Read more about conditions for study in Ireland



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Updated: 1 June 2017

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