Permission to access the labour market

International protection applicants can apply for a permission to access the labour market. You can apply for this permission from 2 July, 2018, if you have not yet received a first instance recommendation on your protection application.

This permission will allow you to access employment and self-employment. It will be valid for 6 months. You can renew the permission if you have not received a final decision on your international protection application within the 6 months. A final decision means when you have completed all appeals procedures, including judicial review proceedings.

If you already hold a temporary self-employment permission, please refer to this section.

1. Eligibility

You are eligible to apply if:

  1. You are an international protection applicant; and
  2. You have not received a first instance recommendation on your protection application; and
  3. You have been waiting at least 8 months for your first instance recommendation; and
  4. You are cooperating with the international protection process – delays in receiving a recommendation must not be due to any actions taken by you.

You can apply if you have not received a permission after 8 months. Your permission will become valid after 9 months.

2. How to apply

You can access the application form here. Please complete this form and send it to the address below.

Application form LMA3 (published 2 July 2018)

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Application for labour market access permission (PDF 294KB)

Application address

Labour Market Access Unit (LMAU)
PO Box 12931
Freepost FDN5264
Dublin 2


If your application is successful

If your application is successful, INIS will issue you a permission letter.

Once you begin working, your employer (or you, if self-employed) must complete the declaration form LMA5 below.

You must also get your employer to complete the declaration form LMA6 below. Both of these forms must be returned to the following address:

Labour Market Access Unit
Declaration Form
PO Box 12931
Freepost FDN5264
Dublin 2



Related documents

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Form LMA6 - Employment income declaration form (PDF 326KB)

Information booklet - Labour Market Access for International Protection Applicants (PDF 317KB)

European Communities (Reception Conditions) Regulations 2018

3. Temporary self-employment scheme

Since 9 February 2018, international protection applicants have had temporary access to the employment permits system operated by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation. Applicants could also apply for a self-employment permission from the Department of Justice and Equality.

These measures were temporary, while we awaited confirmation by the European Commission of our opt-in to the EU Reception Conditions Directive, which has now been confirmed. This scheme is closed for new applications from 28 June 2018.

If you have a self-employment permission under the temporary scheme, and you have not received a first instance recommendation on your protection application, INIS will automatically issue you with a letter of permission to access the labour market (covering both employment and self-employment) for a period of six months. You do not need to make a new application.

If you have a self-employment permission, and you have received a first instance recommendation, but not a final decision on your protection application, you can renew your self-employment permission until you receive a final decision.

Please note more information will be available here shortly.

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Updated: 27 September 2018