Voluntary Returns

One of the options open to persons faced with the prospect of having a Deportation Order issued in respect of them is that they can seek to return voluntarily to their country of origin. The clear benefit of such an arrangement is that it enables such a person to return to the State at a future date if they establish a legal basis for doing so whereas a person who is the subject of a Deportation Order is legally obliged to leave the State and thereafter remain outside the State.

IOM Ireland provide a Voluntary Return programme for those who wish to return home voluntarily but do not have the means, including the necessary documentation, to do so. (www.ireland.iom.int) IOM Ireland can assist with obtaining the necessary travel documentation, as well as covering the financial costs of the travel from Ireland to the country of origin. In addition, a small reintegration grant is available to all returnees to help cover the costs of an income generating activity, such as education; professional training and/or business set-up.

Confidential enquiries regarding Voluntary Returns can be made via ;

Freephone 1800 406 406 or in person at IOM 116 Lower Baggot Street Dublin 2.

Telephone (from outside Ireland) +353 1 6760655 Website: www.ireland.iom.int

The Department of Justice also directly assists persons who wish to return voluntarily to their countries of origin by providing administrative and other supports to persons requesting such assistance.

Enquiries regarding Voluntary Returns can be addressed to :

Telephone (within Ireland), 01- 6167700 or *Lo Call 1890 551 500 (Select Option 3 then Option 1)

Telephone (from outside Ireland), + 353 1 6167700

This Helpline service is available 10.00am to 12.30pm each Wednesday mornings, excluding Bank and Public Holidays.

*Please note that the rates charged for the use of the 1890 (LoCall) numbers may vary among different service providers. It is recommended that you only ring these numbers using a landline as calls made using mobiles may be expensive.


07 March 2014