You need a transit visa for Ireland

You need a Transit Visa to travel through an Irish airport on your way to another destination.

If you wish to enter Ireland, you must apply for a short stay or long stay visa in the normal way. You will not be allowed through border control using a Transit Visa only.

You are from a visa required country and you wish to travel through Ireland on your way to another destination. Change your answers


Before you travel

Apply for a visa for your country of destination

You must have a visa for the country you are travelling to in your passport, before you apply for an Irish Transit Visa.

You will not be given an Irish Transit Visa if you do not have a visa for your final destination.

Apply for a Transit Visa

Apply for a Transit Visa. You will not be allowed to come to Ireland without:

  • A visa for your final destination, and
  • An Irish Transit Visa

When you travel

In the Irish airport

When you arrive in Ireland, you will stay 'airside' of the border while you wait for your connecting flight.

You will not be allowed to pass through border control for any reason.


Travel from Ethiopia to USA or Canada via Ireland

You do not need an Irish transit visa if you plan to travel via Ireland from Ethiopia to the United States of America or Canada, and you:

  • Travel using a passport or travel document issued by Ethiopia
  • Have a current and valid entry visa for the USA or Canada in your passport or travel document

Read more about transit from Ethiopia to the USA or Canada via Ireland

How to apply

When to apply

You should apply for a visa 3 months before you travel.

You may need extra time to also apply for the visa for your destination country.

How to apply

You must apply from your home country or a country where you are a legal resident:

  1. Read detailed instructions for the Transit Visa
  2. Submit your visa application online
  3. Send your passport and other documents for processing

You will be given instructions where to send your documents when you apply online.

Visa costs

Extra charges may apply for some applications, eg consular fees.



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Updated: 20 January 2017

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