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  • 05/02/2014   General Scheme - Criminal Justice (Community Sanctions) Bill
    This Act may be cited as the Criminal Justice (Community Sanctions) Act 2014. This Act shall come into operation on such day or days as the Minister may appoint, by order or orders, either generally or with reference to any particular purpose or provision and different days may be so appointed for different purposes or different provisions.
  • 30/01/2014   General Scheme of a Children and Family Relationships Bill
    An act to provide for presumptions of paternity, the determination of parentage and declarations of parentage and to address parentage issues in the context of assisted reproduction and surrogacy, to prescribe the law relating to surrogacy arrangements and to make provision for the use of DNA tests to assist in the determination of parentage and to consolidate and reform the law relating to the guardianship and custody of and access to children and to make further provision in relation to the maintenance of children under the family law (maintenance of spouses and children) act, 1976 and to amend the law relating to the registration and re-registration of births and to amend the law on adoption and to provide for connected matters.
  • 30/01/2014   General Scheme of the Children and Family Relationships Bill Policy Rationale
    Most children live in marital families with their biological parents. However, a significant minority of children live in other family types. Census 2011 indicated that there were 215,300 families headed by lone parents with children in Ireland in 2011; 44% of the parents had never been married.
  • 14/01/2014   Report of the Expert Group on Repossessions