Youth Justice, Children & Family

  • 16/04/2015   Children and Family Relationships Act 2015
  • 25/09/2014   General Scheme of the Children and Family Relationships Bill 2014
  • 19/03/2014   Tackling Youth Crime - Youth Justice Action Plan 2014 - 2018
    The focus for the Tackling Youth Crime- Youth Justice Action Plan 2014 - 2018 is to continue the downward trends in high volume crime and reduce the necessity for detention.
  • 21/01/2013   Monitoring Committee Annual Report 2011
    The report reflects the activities of the Monitoring Committee and the Diversion Programme during 2011 and sets out recomended actions for 2012. The number of referrals to the Diversion Programme during 2011 was 27,384 and the number of individual children referred was 12,809. Of those referred 9,721 (76%) were admitted to the Programme.
  • 17/10/2011   Irish Youth Justice Service, Annual Report for 2010
    Department of Justice and Equality, maintaining and enhancing community security and promoting a fair society through a range of policies and high quality services.
  • 14/07/2009   Designing effective local responses to youth crime
    Garda Youth Diversion Projects (GYDPs) are one of the measures in place to help reduce youth crime. This report is the first part of an improvement programme for GYDPs, as envisaged by the National Youth Justice Strategy 2008-2010. The report was undertaken to provide an account of youth crime as it occurs in local areas and to analyse how GYDPs intend to impact upon youth offending. The report aims to help secure better outcomes for young people engaged with GYDPs and to make a corresponding impact on youth crime.
  • 18/06/2009   Irish Youth Justice Service Annual Report 2008
    This is the first Annual Report of the Irish Youth Justice Service. The National Youth Justice Strategy, which was published in March 2008, sets challenging goals and objectives across the range of responsibilities and operations of the IYJS. This report details the progress made during 2008 in delivering on these goals and objectives.
  • 10/02/2009   Internet Safety Publications from the Office for Internet Safety
    Internet Safety Publications from the Office for Internet Safety
  • 13/05/2008   IYJS News
    Newsletter of the Irish Youth Justice Service
  • 10/04/2008   National Youth Justice Strategy 2008-2010
    The National Youth Justice Strategy sets out the focus for agencies working in the youth justice system over the next three years (2008-2010).
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