Courts Policy

The Courts Service was established in 1999 in accordance with the provisions of the Courts Service Act 1998. The statutory framework of the Courts Service establishes clear lines of accountability, responsibility and transparency. Under the Act, responsibility for the management of the courts system is conferred on the Courts Service.

Courts Policy Division discharges ministerial functions in relation to the courts, including:

  • all constitutional and legislative matters related to judicial appointments and salaries
  • the making of Rules of Court
  • the preparation of material in relation to the Minister's accountability to the Dáil on court issues 

The division is also responsible for policy underlying courts-related legislation.

Courts Policy Division also examines and considers proposals from the Courts Service regarding financial and staffing matters and major court development programmes in the IT and building areas and advises the Minister in relation to the provision and utilisation of resources. 

The division also ensures that the Courts Service is appropriately resourced and that necessary reporting systems are in place to enable the Minister to discharge his responsibility in regard to the Service.

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