Bookmakers' Licences

Certificate of Personal Fitness for a Non-Resident who wishes to obtain a Bookmaker's Licence

A person who is ordinarily resident outside the State and wishes to obtain a Bookmaker’s Licence must first obtain a certificate of personal fitness from the Minister of Justice and Equality.

Before applying for this certificate, the applicant must publish a notice of their intention to make such an application in a daily newspaper published and circulated in Dublin. This notice must be published at least two weeks but not more than four weeks before they intend applying.

To apply for a certificate of personal fitness, an applicant must submit the following to The Department of Justice and Equality:

  1. a completed Application Form 2013 which names three referees who are resident in the State
  2. a copy of the original newspaper notice mentioned above
  3. a copy of their Northern Ireland Bookmaker’s Licence or as issued by another jurisdiction. Photocopies will be accepted; if the original is submitted, it will be copied and the original returned by registered post
  4. a bank statement or a letter from a bank confirming their financial standing (provision of this will help speed up the renewal of applications)

The Minister has absolute discretion to grant the applicant a certificate or to refuse an application on any ground without stating that ground.

All certificates of personal fitness expire on the 30 November following the issue of a Bookmaker’s Licence.

Note: A resident of the State who wishes to obtain a certificate of personal fitness must apply to the Garda Síochána.



Section 5 of the Betting Act 1931 provides for certificates of personal fitness for residents outside the State.