Search Help

This website provides a Quick Search and an Advanced Search to help you find information.


Quick Search

The Quick Search enables you to look up all the web pages and documents that contain the words that you specify, wherever you are in the site. The Quick Search box is situated at the top right-hand side of every web page.

To look up a word, you type it in the box containing the text 'enter search here'. If you enter more than one word, the Quick Search will look for documents containing all the words you entered. For example, if you enter 'family law', the search will find all documents containing both 'family' and 'law'. It will not find documents containing just 'family' without 'law' too, and vice versa. You cannot use the Quick Search to search for exact phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. The Advanced Search, however, enables you to carry out such a search and other more advanced searches.


Advanced Search

The first three boxes of the Advanced Search allow you to search for web pages and documents containing:

  • every word you typed
  • an exact phrase, or
  • at least one of the words you typed

If you want the search to exclude documents containing certain words, you type those words in the fourth box ('without the words').

You can further refine your search by restricting it to documents modified or published in the past three months, six months or year.

You can also set the maximum number of search results that the search will display.

The last option on the Advanced Search page lets you order the search results so that the results listed first are those that

  • most closely match the search terms you entered
  • were created most recently, or
  • were modified most recently