The Department of Justice and Equality is committed to achieving a reduction in energy use of 33% (over a 2009 baseline) by the end of 2020.  The Department actively participates in the Optimising Power @ Work programme, administered by the Office of Public Works. Monitoring and reporting of energy used is conducted in cooperation with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. 

The Department completes its reporting obligation to the SEAI by May every year, for the previous calendar year.  The resulting report becomes available each November.  The Department’s most recent scorecard for reduction in energy use is presented hereunder:


Scorecards for previous years are available in the Department’s annual reports.


Resource Efficiency Action Plan

The Government Decision S180/20/10/0434C of 3 January 2019, on the topic of  Single Use Plastics, Prevention of Waste and Green Public Procurement, instructed that each public body must report to its respective Minister, by end-November 2019, on the measures it is taking to minimise waste

generation and to maximise recycling.  The Decision also instructed departments to eliminate single-use plastic beverage cups, cutlery and drinking straws from end January, 2019.

This Decision also included an instruction to Government Departments to publish a Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP) for their headquarter buildings. A REAP is the output arising from an on-site assessment or audit of how an organisation uses its energy, water and waste resources.  This exercise allows for the proper benchmarking of data relating to these three areas.

An Energy Managers’ Forum was also established for Facilities and Accommodation Managers with day-to-day responsibility for energy use, recycling, waste disposal and other environmental considerations.  Within the Department of Justice and Equality itself, a Green Team has been established, drawing its membership from across various grades and business units, with the aim of advancing the sustainability agenda through awareness campaigns, events, and actions.

The Department has completed a REAP for its Head Office at 51 Saint Stephen’s Green, and plans to extend this to other buildings in its portfolio in 2020.

Resource Efficiency Action Plan

Report on measures taken to min waste and max recycling


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