International Policy Division

Department’s EU and International Work

Virtually every division in the Department has some involvement in EU and international matters. As policy matters often cross divisional as well as departmental boundaries, a high degree of consultation and co-ordination both within the Department and between government departments is involved. International Policy Division has a key role in this regard.


International Policy Division

International Policy Division (IPD) is involved in internally co-ordinating and preparing the Department’s participation in some of the key areas such as:

  • the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council
  • the high-level Article 36 Committee
  • Schengen  
  • Oireachtas scrutiny (examination by the Oireachtas of EU issues)
  • the Council of Europe
  • certain inter-departmental committees

Among the key objectives of the IPD are to:

  • participate in the development and implementation of EU and other international policy in relation to justice and home affairs and social affairs issues
  • ensure and co-ordinate a cohesive approach and response by the Department to developments in the EU area falling within the remit of the Department
  • co-ordinate the Department’s contribution to Oireachtas scrutiny of EU business in the justice and home affairs area

IPD also co-ordinates briefing within the Department, as required, for European Councils and for the General Affairs and External Relations Councils where these bodies are considering issues which fall within the remit of the Department.

Principal activities carried out by IPD include:

  • policy development and co-ordination and preparation of material for JHA Councils as well as attendance at those Councils
  • attendance at the high-level Article 36 Committee, which deals with matters such as police co-operation and judicial co-operation in criminal matters
  • attendance at both the Schengen Evaluation Working Group and the Schengen Acquis Working Group relating to areas where Ireland may choose to opt in to Schengen provisions
  • co-ordination and preparation of departmental briefing for other Council formations and bodies, as required
  • co-ordination of the Department’s involvement in the Council of Europe and participation in the European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC)
  • co-ordination of the Department’s input into Oireachtas Scrutiny of EU Affairs
  • co-ordination of the Department’s input at numerous relevant inter-departmental committees and attendance at those meetings
  • ongoing co-ordination and liaison with the Department’s staff in the Permanent Representation in Brussels
  • consideration, as required, of policy issues not specific to other divisions of the Department
  • circulation of relevant EU, Council of Europe and other documents throughout the Department


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