Irish Prison Service Capital Expenditure Review

Under the framework of the Expenditure Review Initiative of the Department of Finance, the Irish Prison Service (IPS) commissioned a review of capital expenditure by the IPS in June 2006. This document presents the final report of the expenditure review, and has been carried out by Fitzpatrick Associates, Economic Consultants, with the assistance of Mr. Jerry Chamberlain, an independent UK prisons consultant, during June and July 2006.

The review finds that - given its wider policy approach and changes in this - the response made by the Irish authorities, in terms of capital investment, has at a general level been strategic in terms of its aims, appropriate in terms of the projects undertaken, and reasonably effectively delivered within the budgetary, operational and policy context and constraints in which it has occurred.

According to the report, the phase of significant capital investment in Ireland that began in the late 1980s is likely to achieve a number of long-term goals, including the provision of additional prison space of a modern standard fit for long-term use, major improvements in a number of old prisons, bringing them to a standard at least comparable to those available in newer prisons, and ultimately the replacement of other older prisons.

Irish Prison Service Capital Expenditure Review (PDF – 668KB)