Organised Crime Unit

The Organised Crime Unit targets criminal gangs engaged in diverse types of criminality that transcend the organisational and divisional boundaries of An Garda Síochána. The main forms of criminality targeted by the unit include armed robberies, hi-jackings, warehouse robberies, ‘tiger’ kidnappings, cash-in-transit robberies, bank robberies with the use of firearms and the importation of large quantities of controlled drugs. The unit was established on a temporary basis in November 2005 and became permanent in January 2008, with a complement of 70 staff.

The unit has achieved considerable success to date through focused, intelligence-led operations, and the activities of many of the organised criminal gangs have been disrupted. A number of people suspected of involvement in this type of criminality have been apprehended on serious charges, with many before the courts facing lengthy custodial sentences.

The unit works closely with other specialist units such as the Garda National Drugs Unit, the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the Special Detective Unit and the Emergency Response Unit.