Getting the information on domestic and sexual violence

A significant advance has been made today in the provision of information to people who are affected by domestic or sexual violence.

For the first time anyone who needs information on services working in the areas of domestic or sexual violence in Ireland can find all of the information they might need on a single website Cosc, the National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence has launched the website to provide key information in an accessible way.

The site has information for all of those affected by domestic or sexual violence. It is aimed not just at victims of these forms of violence, but also at the general public who may be concerned about a friend, neighbour or work colleague, who they know or suspect may be a victim. provides practical support to victims, their family and friends by allowing them to quickly identify the services available in their area. Basic advice is provided on the website itself, but Cosc is clear that the real experts are those working in frontline services. People who are concerned about domestic and sexual violence should contact their local services for further advice and support.

In addition, organisations working in the sector can now access information on Cosc’s research and communications activities. Additional Information on progress in developing the National Strategy on Domestic and Sexual Violence and on funding programmes is also available.

Visitors to the "What’s New" section of the site can subscribe online to receive the monthly Cosc newsletter by email. The newsletter will contain regular updates on all Cosc’s ongoing projects and funding news.

Speaking on the Crimecall special on Domestic Violence broadcast tomorrow (18th November) Executive Director, Éimear Fisher urged those who know or suspect someone they know is in an abusive relationship to visit to find out how they can help.

17 November 2008