An Garda Síochána establishes and operates CCTV systems in urban centre areas around the country.  At present, there are 11 cities and towns with Garda CCTV systems in operation and systems are to be operational in a further 14 cities and towns during 2008.   Applications for Garda CCTV systems are made by a Divisional Officer and submitted to the CCTV Advisory Committee.  This committee was set up by the Garda Commissioner to advise on matters relating to CCTV.  Applications for Garda CCTV systems are assessed by this committee on the basis of Garda operational needs, taking into account the following criteria:

• crime and public order statistics in the area;
• population and level of activity there;
• the recommendation of local Garda management;
• any special circumstances or needs that exist; and
• the likely impact of a Garda CCTV system on the area.

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