Barántas Gabhála Eorpach

Any EU country may use the European Arrest Warrant to seek the return of a person who ìs wanted in that country in relation to a crime and who is now living in Ireland. The warrant may seek the return of the person to:

  • stand trial
  • face sentencing after conviction
  • serve a sentence already handed down by a court in that country


Relevant Irish Law

The European Arrest Warrant Act 2003, as amended, contains all the provisions in relation to the European Arrest Warrant.


May Irish Nationals be Surrendered to Another European Union Member State?

Irish Nationals may be surrendered.


Contact Details for Central Authority

Phone: + 353 1 408-6127
Fax: + 353 1 408-6117


For further details, see The European Arrest Warrant: A Guide to Irish Procedures (Microsoft Word – 79KB).

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